Egg Hornpipe

Full disclosure: This is one of the first tunes I learned out of the Ash collection when I first got a photocopy of it in 1982. I've been playing it ever since. As I'm going through my now-battered copy of the manuscript in 2016, I find I've lost the page that this tune was on. So here it is from my own playing. I'm sure Allen Ash would recognize it. I play it as a clog-hornpipe in a dotted rhytm throughout. This tune is more often found under the name "Ricker's" "Richer's" or "The Rackett". It is in "Ryan's Mammoth Collection", "Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes" and in other 19th century manuscripts. "The Egg Hornpipe" is a generic name for a dance performed by stage performers who placed eggs and lit candles on the floor and blindfolded, danced around them, sometimes gathering the eggs onto a handkerchief with movements of their feet. and then picking them up as the grand finale. I have seen references to this dance being done in Canada. The Egg is the second tune in the medley on the sound file linked below.


Title Egg Hornpipe
Subject Allen Ash Manuscript Reels, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Marches
Year 1850
Locale Central
Keywords hornpipe


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