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Bottle of Brandy (The)

This jig appears in more early books, under more different names than any other tune in the Ash manuscript. (in which it was untitled) It can be found in O'Neill's and other Irish collections as "Daniel of The Sun" or "Thady You Gander". In Ryan's Mammoth...

British Waltz

I haven't seen this tune anywhere else yet

Bugle Quick March

A march from the Allen Ash Manuscript. This tune goes by several names. It is still part of the 21st century pipe band repertoire as "The Bugle Horn", its most common name. It also appears as "The Lady In The Boat". It is usually played in the key of D. ...

Caledonian Hunt's Delight

From the Allen Ash Manuscript, Cobourg Circa 1850. A Scottish tune which is also known as the melody of the Robert Burns song, "Ye Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon". Played by Saskia Tomkins in the sound file linked below

Cobourg Waltz

This waltz appears twice in the Ash manuscript, once as the Cobourg Waltz and again as an untitled piece with a few notes changed around. It also can be found as "The Hungarian Waltz" in other contemporary sources It appears to have originally come (as Hu...

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