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Last Potato (The)

The Last Potato - I copied this parody of Thomas Moore's famous parlour song "The Last Rose of Summer" from the pages of the Cobourg Star. It's cute. The original melody is easy to find online. I've included a four-part arrangement that looks like it's f...

Man Behind The Plow (The)

Here are two recorded versions of "The Man Behind The Plow", a song written by American songwriter Thomas Payne Westendorf in the mid-19th century. One was sung by Joseph Chisholm, Glengarry County, in about 1961. The other by Ian Bell in 1991. This ...

Massey March

A promotional piece of piano music, published in 1887 as part of "Massy's Illustrated" Vo. VI No. 2 - a periodical put out by the Massey Manufacturing Company. (which mainly produced farm equipment) Composed by Albert F.O. Hartmann - Bandmaster of the Ma...

Plough Boy (The)

This is LaRena's somewhat altered version of the song "The Man Behind The Plough", written in 1882 by American songwriter Thomas Paine Westendorf. It was published in several Canadian sheet music editions and quickly absorbed into the "folk" repertoire he...

Praties and Pork

This song was collected from one of his neighbours by J.W.Dunbar Moodie - the husband of Susanna Moodie, during the early years of their settlement in the Peterborough area. It appears only in some editions of Susanna Moodie's famous memoire "Roughing It ...

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