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Mennonite Shape-Note Singing - The Philharmonia

These are a few songs from the living shape-note harmony singing traditions of the Old-Order Mennonites of Waterloo County, Ontario. They have never been recorded by folklorists since recording devices are not allowed in places where there are being sung....

Mennonite Shape Note Singing - The Star of Bethlehem

When I was spending time with old-order Mennonite singers in the early 1990s, we sometimes sang from this book. It's the only of their books I ran across that has songs in it that are are not psalms or hymns. It was originally published in the US in 1889 ...

Oh The Gloomy Hills of Darkness

A song from the pages of "The Voice of The Fugitive", an abolitionist newspaper published in Sandwich Ontario (near Windsor) by Henry Bibb. No author is credited, but it is a topical rewrite of a hymn (of the same name) composed by Welsh hymn writer Will...

Our Canadian Home - Patriotic Temperance Song

"The Canadian Musical Fountain and Prohibition Singer" was a songbook created for the temperance movement and published in Toronto in 1874. I first found a copy at the Toronto Public Library. These excerpts came from the Internet Archive, where you can fi...

Sacred Harmony - Hymnbook 1838

Sacred Harmony was one of Ontario's first "words-and-music" hymnbooks. It was compiled by Alexander Davidson in Toronto and published in 1838. (He had to have it printed in Buffalo). The is a link to a page about Mr. Davidson below. The first edition was ...

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